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Yoav Efron

Keyboardist. Producer. Musician.

Studied classical and jazz piano and an active pianist/keyboard player for more than 20 years. Composer and Orchestrator. Written full scores and soundtracks for many short films, animations and online commercials including an award winning short. Produced studio albums and many other singles in the genre of Rock, Metal and Ac. Pop. Studied the art of synth programming, both analog and digital. (Sub/Add, Vector, FM, PD). Mixing and Audio engineer for more than 7 years.</p>

  • Yoav Efron
  • July 30, 1984
  • 16 Gush Ezion, Beersheva, Israel
  • yoav.efron@gmail.com
  • +972 (0)54 803 3120
  • http://www.yoavefron.net