Nov 2016

#DH3 Diary Ep.1


Holly shit where do I begin… I guess by saying – it’s about fucking time!
On July 30th, 2014 we released our 2nd album “Chain Reaction” and I must say, I was both extremely proud and relieved when it was finally over. It was such an intense experience making that album (mentally of course) that it took me a year before I was ready to even get back to writing. I’m sure it shaved off a few years of my life, but hey – if that what it takes then so be it! One thing I did promise myself, I’m not going through this ever again (so far so good!).

In the past year I’ve been slowly working on new songs along side my other project ARP, which has taken most of my time and effort. Honestly, it’s not easy juggling between the two, the only thing they have in common is the word ‘Prog’ but other than that, they are nothing alike, and let me tell you – it’s a mind fuck working on these two at the same time.

Listening to ARP, you probably get where I am at the moment, musically speaking, and I love it. Yes, it means the new songs are heavier and probably “crazier” but still epic and intense, and when we’ll finish this Diary, I hope you’ll come to appreciate our music even more. So lets begin.

Yoav Efron ©Ofir_Abe

The Playlist.

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you probably saw our #DH3 playlist. At the moment, these are the songs I’m most sure about. We actually had 2 more that just didn’t feel right and there’s an old song that Yogev is pushing to add to the list. Some of you did the math and saw that the average song length is almost 4 min… Yes, it’s true! hehe, but keep in mind – while most of them are indeed “finished”, some (like Song 4 for example) only have a verse and a chorus 😉



Every band has its own unique way of writing, producing and arranging their music. It’s no secret that I write most of the music and lyrics, so for us, a sketch is actually the entire song, produced and partially mixed. That’s not to say the guys have no input, in fact, I share every revision I make, hearing and discussing their inputs and ideas which I then incorporate into a new version.

Lets get technical.

Right now, I’m still composing, tweaking and arranging the songs, riffs and grooves = less pre-production and more actual composition. I listen to the revisions over and over again to see if I (consistently) like the riffs, or if the grooves sit well with the different sections of the song and if the sections play nice with each other.

I start with the music then the melodies and lyrics and I really love to start a song with the chorus, then build the different sections around it. While some songs already have melodies (in mind), I will first finish writing the song – and only then get down to lyrics and melodies.

We’ll have plenty of time to get real technical about DAWs and plugins and different ideas and processings, but we’ll keep it for our next diary entry 🙂




Thank you all, I hope you enjoyed reading this short entry, if you’d like to know more and join this little endeavour, please subscribe to our Facebook Page or my Producer Page or email me at contact@sw5b6s7gi.de-02.live-paas.net with the topic: Subscribe. See you next week.

Yoav Efron | Distorted Harmony

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